Würzel & Phil Campbell (Motörhead)

“Would you like to join the band…?”

Bernie Torm’e (Gillan, Ozzy Osbourne)

‘Garry is an absolutely killer exciting drummer to play with & to record: I know, I’ve done both! That boy can rock!’

Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden, Lionheart)

‘I’ve played many great gigs with Garry over the years I’ve known him. He’s a great, solid drummer and always reliable, he’s also a good mate…!’

Dave Edwards (R.D.B, Three Piece Suite)

‘Working with Garry is both fun and intense…he can rock and he can be a very gentle player, in all, a very versatile drummer. He’s always my first call ..very top drummer’

Alan ‘Boomer’ Davey (Gunslinger, Ace of Spades, Hawkwind, Bedouin, Psychedelic Warlords)

‘I’ve played with some top rated drummers during my 33 year professional career and I can honestly say Magpie is the most solid time keeper I’ve ever played with! I’ve enjoyed playing on stage with him very much. A real pro minded guy too!’