‘Magpie’ will be playing a number of shows this year with UK tribute band ‘Motorheadache’, playing mostly material from the Phil Taylor and Pete Gill era.

There are plans to include some tracks from the Mikkey Dee period at some point.


News Update:

Garry will be joining ‘The Deep’ (formerly Deep Machine) on a regular basis, joining fellow ‘Tytan’ and ‘Kev Riddle’s Baphomet’ vocalist Tony Coldham in the line up.

The band will play selected shows in the UK and Europe, playing material from the band’s debut album ‘Premonition’ and ‘Watching You’ EP currently…

The band have recently played a successful debut show with the new line up supporting NWOBHM legends ‘Raven’ in London.

Shows will be planned around work with ‘Tytan’ and ‘Kev Riddle’s Baphomet’ and will not impact on any of Garry’s planned solo work or other commitments.

The ultimate tribute to Motorhead, ‘Ace Of Spades’ live album ‘Born To Booze, Live To Sin’ available now on limited CD!

Practice pad testing…

During 2021, I was invited to assist the renown drum practice pad designer Bill Sanders on a new practice pad concept (S-PAD BS-722) , which is now in production and is making a real impact on the drum practice pad industry and users of drum practice products.

Following this initial input, I have now been invited to test out another new design idea which will no doubt be in production soon.

For information on Bill Sanders’ innovative products, please click on the link below…

S – Pad (BS – 722)

A new guitarist for ‘Kevin Riddles’ Baphomet’

I would like to welcome guitarist Chris Borsberry to the ranks of ‘Kevin Riddles’ Baphomet’

Chris takes over the role from Peter Welsh, who helped kickstart the project and featured at the band’s recent debut show in London

Chris Borsberry

Check out the forthcoming live events here: